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The Health benefits of Relaxation

09 Oct 2011

As we lead increasingly busier and more hectic lifestyles many of us are unaware of the potential damage that we are inflicting on our bodies. Research has proven that many of our ailments, such as, raised Blood Pressure, Heart Disease and Strokes, Diabetes, Bowel Disorders and even some Cancers and Dementia may be due to increased levels of an enzyme in the body called Cortisol. Our modern way of life simply does not allow us to use the system in our bodies that is designed to prevent this happening. So, for example, getting annoyed or even road rage in the car produces exactly the same resonse in the body as being hunted by a Lion on the plains of Africa! The problem is that, for a great many of us, it never gets turned off and the damage to the cellular structure of the body begins. It is now known that the regular practice of relaxation can reverse this process. Thousands of my own clients have benefited from using these thechniques and now you can too! Just imagine how you would feel if you able to control your own stress. Well now you can! To download one of stress reduction MP3's just click here.